Snapshots From Guy's Visit to California, 1999

Table Of Contents

Vicky's Apartment



Workplace and Fauntleroy

On the way to and from San Francisco


Vicky's Apartment

One angle of Vicky's living room

Another angle of Vicky's living room

The kitchen

The hallway

Vicky's apt. bldg.

Vicky's apt. bldg., different angle

University Ave., which Vicky lives just off of


Moira, hanging out in the living room

Moira, playing some more

Moira, the demon cat, leaping for her mousie


"The Hill" from Cedar St. in Berkeley

A cool path on the Berkeley campus

A more typical path on the Berkeley campus

Same path, different angle

A picture of the lights of Berkeley as taken from the top of "The Hill"

Workplace and Fauntleroy

Vicky's desk at work

Fauntleroy, the uber-ch-ch-ch-chia pet

Fauntleroy again

On the way to and from San Francisco

The Bay Bridge and some surprisingly light traffic

The approach to the tunnel through Trasure Island on the way to SF

San Francisco (Golden Gate in bg) from the Bay Bridge

Alcatraz Island as seen from the Bay Bridge

Leaving Saint Franky on the Bay Bridge, at night.

The tunnel through Treasure Island on the way out of San Francisco


Vicky in her hallway

Eric and Vicky in front of the neighboring apt. bldg

Eric and Vicky leaning on my car in Berkeley

Guy and Eric in Vicky's apartment, with the hats Anu got us.