PT Cruiser (Harvey)

Ever since I saw one a the Detroit Auto Show I thought that the Cruiser was pretty neat looking car. In late 1999 early 2000, my wife and I thought that we should replace my then aging 1991 Buick Regal, It was starting to develop some problems (no gas gauge, flaky speedometer). Shortly thereafter Automobile magazine gave a pretty glowing review of the PT Cruiser, and it seemed to fit the bill of what I wanted in my next car: not a sedan, not a SUV, but something with a single passenger/storage compartment. Unfortunately I had taken enough ribbing with the Buick ("Look Guy got his old man's car.") That I wanted to avoid the minivan/station wagon, since that was going to lead to just more hilarity. So on April 5th, the local Chrsyler dealer got one in for me to take a look at (it was already sold having been purchased in December by someone even more anxious). I fit in it nicely and the amount of storage space was pretty nice. So I placed an order. The salesman said it would be in in May. . . of 2001. So we fixed the Buick a bit and started waiting and saving money. Finally January 17th, it came in, and on the 18th we drove it home

Front View
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Rear View
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Side View
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I'll get a picture of the title up once the state sends it to me. :-) I'll also get some interior shots up soon.

I do call it Harvey, and it does have a theme song:

      Harvey, Harvey, Harvey the Wonder Cruiser
      He doesn't stall
      He doesn't race
      He just drives with style and grace
      Harvey, Harvey, Havey the Wonder Cruiser.
      Yeah Harvey!
(Sung to the music of Harvey the Wonder Hampster by Weird "Al" Yankovic)
Guy Albertelli
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