Albertelli T-Shirt Kit

By popular demand you can now have an Albertelli T-shirt kit.

The kit includes everything you need to create your own Allbertelli T-Shirt. Plus since it is shipped in kit form we pass the savings on to you.

What everyone is saying about the Albertelli T-Shirt Kit

"The Albertelli t-shirt kit is far superior to any other t-shirt kit." - Felicia Berryman
"I want one." - Cande Storgoff
"I'd love to recieve one as a gift." - MSU CAPA Coordinator

What Is Included

1. A plain grey or white t-shirt of a high quality brand.
2. An indelible black cloth marker.
3. Correct spelling of the name Albertelli.
4. It comes polybagged and ready for assembly.

All of this is only $15.95(US)

Send Check, Cash, or Money Order:

Guy Albertelli
1890 Independence
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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Please specify T-shirt kit #xyzzy
Due to extreme cost saving measures such that this can be made available at this _extremely_ low price, returns, or exchanges shall not be accepted, and shirt color cannot be specified. Batteries are not included.