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Macro Photo Identification Contest

A collection of photos that have been scanned in or taken with our Digital Camera. Things like, Guy and Megan's honeymoon, our pet collection, Our New House , Megan's Lab Party, etc.

Tasty Drinks
We've made some liquers and cola expirements through the years. What records exist so far are here.

Mildly Interesting collection of pages. Including Maps.

Weird Questions
My older and little sister asked me, answered

Albertelli T-shirt kit
You have heard of it, you have wanted one. Now you can have one. The official Albertelli T-shirt kit.

The official blog of All Things Albertelli

Bitchin' Stitchers
The Knitting / Crocheting / Chain Mailing / Spinning / Crafting group that Megan and I belong to.

Guy Albertelli