Random Snapshots 1999

The Great Megan Pumpkin Carving of 1999

The Trip to California

Bob, Dr. Amy Bauer's Cat

Dr. Amy Bauer, at home in southbend


Guy's Renessaince Festival Pewter Goblet

Guy's New Office

Tim Hagman And Carrie Rhoads in their apartment in Washington D.C.

Scott Harrison has this wonderful moose hat. And I got a picture of me in it.

Here is a picture of Scott trying to get his hat back. The other person is Tara Myers.

New Furniture

Megan's mom took us out shopping at an antique fair for furniture. What we ended up getting was a new dining room table and an apothecary cabinet.

The apothecary cabinet is really neat. It used to be part of a doctor's office where there was about 15 feet of these kinds of drawers. However most people don't need 15 feet of drawers so they broke it up into smaller sections and put new wood around the drawers to finish it off. I think it looks really nice.

Table as it loooked when it arrived

Five! legs

Final location/setup for now.

Apothecary cabinet when it arrived.

Close up of one of the drawers.

Final installation of the piece

Megan trying to hide from the camera as I take pictures of Abram.

My Honda Civic that can do 187 MPH in Gran Turismo

The World's First Second Smallest Gaming Convention

Starting up the Heroes campaign. I still wanna know what happens when I get to New Hamshire.

Guy Albertelli as Plastic Man, and Megan Albertelli as Jesse Quick.

A brief pause from the action finds a couple of the combatants stelling their strength for the next round.

Amy Bauer celebrated her 25th birthday as part of the proceedings. Yeah Amy!

After all of the playing we paused for group shot. Left to right, front to back: Curt Clark, Mike Phiungkeo, Amy Bauer, Lori Near, Valerie Pratt, Tony Pawli, Megan Albertelli, Matt Persons, Guy Albertelli, Rob Pratt

25th Birthday

The greatest gift, a stuffed Sea Turtle!

I also got some astronaut food, potato cake and cheese pizza

Which I ate

It wasn't that good.
Rob, Sylvia's Fiancee

My Mom cooking up dinner for my birthday.

Sylvia in a tree

Nightmare before Christmas

Valerie and Rob Pratt like to put on Halloween parties, this one happend right before Christmas. Megan went as a Happy Goth

Guy went as "Guy With no socks." an idea he stole from Eric Eslinger. No picture is neccessary for this glorious costume.


Our first Christmas Tree

And it is being attacked by a cruel and vicious Sock Monkey