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Megan Defending her dissertation Lab Lab Oops
Megan, Michelle, Phil, Orla, Chris, Didi, Mara Orla, Michelle, Phil, Megan, Chris, Mara, Didi Zingerman's delivering our food, very very chilled. (The basket apparently was left up there by one of the perparers, and survived the whole trip over.)
Dessert and Drinks Cake! Cake! Food Yum!
cimg2585 Boxes Waiting for the truck. MaxMara for when you need more Mara in your life.
Lots and Lots of Boxes. All is packed and we're just waiting for the truck to show and take it all away...
California Caterpiller Purple flower Calla Lily Some white flowers
I got a new camera and need to take photos of random things. Like flowers. Some of them have turned out quite nice Really nice.
Astrolomeria Rose. Pink flower Japenese maple
Reaching for the sky
New New House New New House Hallway. Dead lemon New New House front walk
We are moving, again, into a much nicer house. That has a fireplace. Woo! And a long hallway. There is a courtyard out there. It has many citrus trees in the yard. This lemon however didn't make it. It has lovely gardens on all sides.
Stained glass window Tortoise Norman Dakota
Megan's dad makes stained glass windows. Playing with macro Who's the cute kitty? Happy dog.
Abram eyeball Fargo on Megan foot Abram Norman
Leaving home Tree! Lichen Camping with dakota
We went on a camping trip. Fargo looks whistfully back home.(Actually Megan is outside the car and he is desparatly afraid that she's going to go further away.) Out in the desert finding some Lichen. Dakota has fun camping with us. (Had to tie him up due to the rules of this park.)
Fire Here Tortoise! Courtyard Fountain 2007-04-26 08:12:30 1109
I took over 120 photos of this fire. I like fire. We never did find a tortoise while out there. It's apparently been a dry year and the torts are waiting it out. Our new house has both a courtyard, and a fully functional fountain. I'm spoiled for life.
Dakota! 2007-06-04 19:35:29 1877 Tree fall down Guest room bed Guest room reverse shot
My work buddy, helping me out.

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