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Incanto offers a Whole Beast Feast, where they cook up a whole Pig, Lamb or Goat for you and some number of your closest friends. We found this idea irresistible.

Parking (2007-09-08 4206) First to arrive (2007-09-08 4209) The entire Divine Comedy (2007-09-08 4217) Wine (2007-09-08 4213)
The hills in SF still baffle me, parking on a hill this steep you worry that your car is going to decide to want to roll down the hill... We got the whole of the Dante room to ourselves, having a whole room in a restaurant to one's self is alot of fun.(Pictured is Megan (hiding), Vicky and Bedig) It wouldn't be the Dante room without it. It's a captivating sight.
The Menu (2007-09-08 4222) Some bread. (2007-09-08 4220) Antipasto (2007-09-08 4224) The kitchen (2007-09-08 4277)
There were other courses, and I guess they were good to have... but we were here for Pig. Of course some bread to start with. And a wonderful antipasto plate. The trotters and head cheese were divine. Next door the cooks worked at a furious pace.
Happy diners (2007-09-08 4227) Soup or .. (2007-09-08 4232) Salad (2007-09-08 4234) Wine selection for Pig (2007-09-08 4244)
Antipasto complete, we await the next course... not yet Pig. It was a lovely bean and sausage soup, Megan enjoyed it quite a bit. I opted for the less filling but equally tasty salad. Bedig was master of the wine list selecting very good choices all around. These were selected to go exceptionally well with the pig.
Decanting (2007-09-08 4247) Pig! (2007-09-08 4251) Mmmm yum! (2007-09-08 4252) The first cut. (2007-09-08 4253)
Now that the wine is decanted, the starters are out of the way all that awaits us is.... 32 pounds of tastiness await. You could see the steam escape....
(2007-09-08 4254) Tasty skin. (2007-09-08 4258) Ah piggy. (2007-09-08 4260) Chris continues carving it up. (2007-09-08 4261)
Lovely porcine meatyness awaits. I was particularly enamored of the skin. It was crunchy covered in salt and pepper and quite tasty. Chris Cosentino was the chef, he's been on Iron Chef and makes a delightful meal.
Hungry diners (2007-09-08 4268) Carcass (2007-09-08 4271) Spinal column (2007-09-08 4272) Where has the head gone? (2007-09-08 4275)
Happy porcine consumption.(Pictured in clockwise order Roger, Andy, Laura, Hugh. Off screen were Bedig, Mark, Vicky, Megan and Me.) The carcass has been torn asunder.. Bones have been removed.
Brain.... (2007-09-08 4278) Sated (2007-09-08 4280) Dessert! (2007-09-08 4284) Dessert panzanella with stone fruit and cream (2007-09-08 4290)
Way way tasty. It reminded me of a pork pate. But so smooth, creamy and porky. (The lump to the right is cerebellum, and in the back is eyeball.) Much piggyness consumed and happy diners sit and chat. The panna cotta was divine. This one was okay, the fruit was good, but overall I don't think it came together.(There was also a choclate cake that I completely missed getting a picture of.)
Bill time (2007-09-08 4292)
The waiter did a wonderful job.

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